About Us

Bhumika Foundation established in 2015, is a Vocational Training and Adult Independent Living Center (Residential) for trainees with special needs and skill deficit. We follow TQR Model i.e. Total Quality Rehabilitation Model that is accepted and followed world wide. We have started our journey and are committed to serving adults with special needs. Bhumika Foundation has been honoured with State Award from the Government of Maharashtra; 2019, National Excellence Award from Rajasthan; 2019, Certificate of Excellence for outstanding contribution in Disability Rehabilitation; 2020. Our center is focused for trainees across two age groups 14 to 18 years and 18 years and above. Our organization is a residential setup, focusing on skill development, training and employment to earn a livelihood independently for a sustainable future. Bhumika Foundation has been equipped with all safety measures. Our vision is to construct a village for 100 students as it only takes a village to build lives.